Top 3 Tips for A Healthy Marriage

Every marriage has a honeymoon period, which tends to last for a couple of months or even more. You must have heard the phrase, ‘marriage isn’t a bed of roses,’ and that’s very true because there are ups and downs in every relationship. However, some couples struggle to reclaim or reignite the spark that had once been the shining light in their lives.

How does one bring back those butterflies in the stomach and feelings of anticipation and excitement that people generally experience at the start of a relationship? Some people choose premarital counseling to understand what unhealthy patterns have become ingrained in their relationship. As individuals, we are always growing and learning, and marriage isn’t any different.

The only way you can successfully navigate through the murky waters of marriage is by being committed to growing together, no matter how bad things get in your marriage. Couples who have been together for a while in marriage realize that a nice car, home, or retirement account doesn’t guarantee a successful and happy marriage as there are more important principles in play.

If you’re also going through a rough patch in your marriage and committed to making it work with your partner, we’ve got the top 3 tips for a healthy and successful marriage. These are as follows:

1.    Remind Your Partner That You Still Appreciate Them

Most couples tend to lose sight of what initially drew them towards their partner in the beginning after some time has passed in their marriage. It’s only natural, but you can easily reclaim the spark you had right at the start of your relationship. Over time, couples become too comfortable and familiar with one another and end up settling into a routine, which doesn’t always work out for them.

Studies have shown that half of the men who cheated on their spouses claimed they did it because of emotional dissatisfaction with their current partner. It wasn’t about sex, but a lack of emotional intimacy from their significant other that drove them to cheat on them. Men who don’t feel appreciated or connected to their spouses are more prone to infidelity, and this is also true for married women.

The Solution:

The best way to ensure that your marriage navigates through this delicate period is for both partners to remember what attracted them to each other and why they got married in the first place. It’s important to have an open dialogue with one another so that partners can communicate about what they want and need. Don’t keep score of things you did for each other, as that creates a competitive and toxic environment and will ruin your relationship.

2.    Maintain Passion and Intimacy

One of the main reasons marriages fall apart is because couples stop being attracted to one another and have no passion for remaining committed to the person they fell in love with. It’s impossible to remain passionate about one person, and it’s slightly unhealthy as well. However, we’re not talking about cuddles and hugs all day and night. Intimacy isn’t just about sex.

However, you do need to need to engage in a healthy amount of sex to keep the relationship honest and the spark lit in your marriage. Understand that things may change over time. Your body will also adapt and evolve, and so will you. One of the hurdles couples face in maintaining intimacy and passion in their marriage is that one partner may lose their sexual appetite or libido and may not want to engage in passionate sex.

The Solution:

This problem is generally faced by men who lose interest in their lover or lose their sexual appetite as they get older. Countless men also develop sexual dysfunctions when they get older. As a result, they may be embarrassed or downright nervous about engaging in sex with their partner.

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3.    Be Selfless and Honest About Your Feelings

One thing that studies and surveys won’t tell you is that most marriages that fall apart tend to do so when one partner becomes extremely selfish about their needs and wants. They stop communicating with their partner and then blame them for not giving them what they need. Most studies show that marriages end because of incompatibility, infidelity, finances, and lack of commitment but never because of selfishness.

Selfish people will always place their interests above everything else and will refuse to compromise even when it is for the betterment of their marriage. They will hide things from their partners and get their validation from other people and things instead of going to their spouses. It all comes down to a lack of honesty and poor communication between spouses as they aren’t honest about their feelings and act selfishly even when it is bad for their relationship.

The Solution:

It’s not the end of the world if you and your partner don’t see eye-to-eye anymore because people change, circumstances change, and more important feelings change as well. However, don’t create a toxic or negative environment in your relationship just because you couldn’t tell your partner the truth. Instead of hiding things from them, talk about it openly with them and share your concerns, as that will allow you both to start working on what you can fix or if you want to fix things.